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The Aura Story: A Journey of Creativity and Expertise

Aura Creative Agency is the embodiment of a powerful idea that sparked during a spontaneous conversation. We are a collective of creative minds and industry experts, committed to transforming the advertising and content creation landscape.

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Our Journey

from a spark to a blaze

From a simple brainstorming session between two friends to a top-notch creative agency, the Aura story is one of passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It all began with a humble idea, born during a spontaneous 43-minute FaceTime call. That was the moment our two founding members experienced a "lightbulb moment", deciding to combine their expertise and creativity to make a mark in the world of advertising and content creation.

Aura Creative Agency has since grown, attracting clients from all over the country and earning a reputation for its unique style and impactful work. But despite our growth, the essence of Aura remains the same. We believe in the enduring impact of a great idea, in the power of creativity to evoke emotions and leave lasting impressions. Every day, we strive to create work that not only looks amazing but also resonates long after the initial spark.

Our journey is a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets creativity, and we're just getting started. As we continue to evolve and push boundaries, we remain committed to our mission: to create work that not only looks amazing but also leaves a lasting impression.

Our Purpose

The Mission That Drives Us

At Aura Creative Agency, our mission is to empower businesses to scale effortlessly. We strive to foster seamless relationships with our clients, providing them with innovative solutions that not only meet their needs but also exceed their expectations. We believe in the power of collaboration and mutual growth. As such, we are committed to providing equal support and opportunities for our team members, recognizing that their success is our success. Our mission is not just about delivering top-notch creative services; it's about creating a community where businesses, our team, and members can thrive together.

our guiding principles

The Core Values That Define Aura

At Aura Creative Agency, our work is driven by a set of core values that define who we are and what we stand for. These values guide our decisions, shape our strategies, and inspire us to push boundaries in the world of advertising and content creation. They are the essence of our identity and the driving force behind our commitment to our clients.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We deliver exceptional work that exceeds client expectations, and constantly seek ways to enhance our skills, knowledge, and methodologies.


We operate with integrity and honesty at all times to build trust with clients, employees, and partners. We uphold strong principles, maintain confidentiality, and act in the best interest of clients.


We foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork by encouraging open communication, respecting diverse perspectives, and valuing the contributions of each team member.


We embrace innovation and stay ahead of industry trends. We continuously explore new technologies, strategies, and techniques to deliver cutting-edge solutions and differentiate ourselves.


We focus on delivering measurable results for our clients. Our strategies and tactics regularly demonstrate the value of our services through measurable metrics across all service offerings.


We place the client at the center of everything we do. We understand their needs, goals, and challenges. We go above and beyond to build long-term partnerships based on mutual trust.

Our offices

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New York, NY

5365 Meadows Rd
Dewittville, New York, 14728

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San Francisco, CA

58 Middle Point Rd
San Francisco, California, 94124

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London, UK

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Meet the Dream Team

The creative minds Behind aura

At Aura Creative Agency, our team is our greatest asset. Comprising a diverse group of creative professionals, each member brings unique expertise and a shared passion for pushing boundaries in advertising and content creation. Our founders, with their proven track record in competitive industries and a strong background in the creative arts, inspire us every day to take risks and create work that leaves a lasting impression. Together, we strive to bring our clients' vision to life, going above and beyond to ensure their success.

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